Air France Virtual BAE-146 (FS2004)

Air France Virtual BAE-146 (FS2004) 4.1

Air France Virtual BAE-146 Flight Simulator for FS2004

Version 4.1 is the newest BAe 146 panel for FSX. Like version 4.0 for FS2004 it contents many revisions. The complete autopilot (AFGS) for example is fully reworked and I finally could realize the TMS (Thrust Modulation System) now which was promised since a long time. Beside the many detail improvements, the possibility of storing the switch positions and system configuration is a big step forward. Due to this expansion the Cold and Dark cockpit is dropped completely. The plane and panel will now always load like it was left before. Except the still missing GNS (FMS), all reworked parts and new components of the panel base exactly on the real cockpit. Since now all systems and their interactions in operation and function are realized, the panel has grown up to a system trainer. Of course this requires a certain training.

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